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110.  Quality System Requirements- The supplier shall maintain a Quality System compliant with AS9100 or ISO 9001:2008 subject to review and approval by Sathorn unless otherwise stated on the purchase order. Sathorn Corporation may elect to impose on-site source surveillance and/or inspection due to product complexity, customer requirements and/or nonconformance history.  In the event that the supplier has failed to take preventative action of notified non-conformances, all costs associated with continued source inspection by Sathorn or by the supplier will be conducted without impact to existing pricing. The supplier shall permit representatives of Sathorn, its customers, the FAA, and any government regulatory agency, to conduct quality system and or product audits as may be requested by Sathorn to evaluate quality compliance at the supplier’s facility. The supplier shall make available all contracts, specifications, instructions, procedures, records, inspection and test equipment and/or special requirements as may be directed by Sathorn.

120.  Raw Material Requirements- All specialty metals used shall be melted in the United States or a qualifying country.  These specialty metals are defined in the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement Clause 252.225-7008, Restriction on Acquisition of Specialty Metals, and 252.225-7009, Restriction on Acquisition of Certain Articles Containing Specialty Metals. Qualifying countries are listed in 225.872-1.

130.  Control of Non-Conforming Material- The supplier shall not submit nonconforming material unless previously authorized in writing from Sathorn.

140.  Quality Records- Unless otherwise specified through a purchase order, the supplier is required to maintain Product Realization and Quality Records for at least 10 years.  Orders requiring record retention for greater than 10 years will record retention requirement on the P.O.

150.  Calibration Requirements- The supplier must maintain a calibration system compliant to ISO 10012-1 or ANSI Z540.1.

160.  Preservation and Packaging- Parts, subassemblies and assemblies shipped to Sathorn are to be packaged to prevent damage during shipment and identifiable and traceable to a Sathorn purchase order.

170.  Export Requirements- The supplier shall be ITAR Compliant with all ITAR orders.

180.  Special Processes- Special processes such as heat-treating, plating, painting, surface enhancements and non-destructive testing must be NADCAP accredited.

190.  RoHS Compliance is required

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